UK HARP Winter Workshop 18/19 Application ‘Origins’

Motto: Origins

Date: 28th December – 2nd January 

Age: HARP age 11 years – 18 years (Already started year 7 – year 13)

Location: Livingston House, 13 Beechcroft, Chislehurst BR7 5DB

Fee: £120 
Late Fee: £140
(Fee for applicants who apply after the deadline 22nd December)

The HARP committee would like to invite you to join us this winter on the UK HARP workshop!

This winter we will gather in the beautiful Livingston house for 6 days of great experiences, great Content from elder brothers and sisters and great company.

Have you ever asked yourself; Where do I come from? What is the history of my lineage? Where does religion come from? How was the Unification Movement established, and for what purpose? Who are the True Parents? What is the significance of the Blessing? What are the foundations of UK HARP?

We are all born of the same love, life, and lineage of God and True Parents. Each of us is the fruit of our ancestors’ and parents’ investment. These deeply embedded roots reveal the core of our identity. To know our life’s destination and how to get there, we need to know our true Origin.

This HARP UK Winter Workshop we will explore our ‘Origins‘, understand more deeply where we come from and how we can move forward as a Individuals and as a community.

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Other details such as travel, things to bring, and a pre-workshop condition will be outlined in the confirmation email.

For any further queries, contact the HARP team at

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Warmest regards,

From all at the UK HARP committee
Miwa, Sam, Beni, Mia

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