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Benedict Vitai

I’m Beni Vitai, originally from South London. I’m 20 years old and currently taking some time out before starting university. I came back from STF (a gap year program for Blessed Children) in August 2017. During my STF year I realised the value of our spiritual community. Recently I’ve discovered how great an impact my experiences in HARP had on me through secondary school, which has inspired me to support my younger brothers and sisters in their journey through HARP.

Miwa Shaw

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Hello everyone! I’m Miwa Shaw, 22 years old, from North London. I’m studying in university at the moment after taking two gap years, during which I completed the DONE program. In the past 6 years I’ve been blessed with many opportunities for working in leadership through HARP UK, WAIT UK and the FFWPU Children’s Summer Camp. By having these opportunities I have spiritually grown as a blessed child through needing to develop a more closer personal relationship with God, deepen my friendships with the peers I’ve worked with, and become a more genuine consistent example to the younger generation. I’ve also been able to grow in confidence, develop my musical talents and learn organisational skills. I hope this initiative can allow for more blessed children in future generations to have the same opportunity as I have. My main interest for my position in the committee currently is education.

Samuel Shongwe










Hello everyone, my name is Samuel Shongwe. I am 22 years old, I grew up in Birmingham, now living in London. I am currently working as a freelance Filmmaker whilst studying. I have been working with HARP over the past 7 years. On the community level in Birmingham and more recently in the South London community. I have also worked with UK HARP  for the past 3 year as part of the UK HARP committee in support of the previous UK HARP leader.

I joined this initiative because I believe in passing on experiences and lessons learnt from the previous generations, in order to support the character and spiritual growth of the younger generations. With genuine guidance and understanding we can support the  development of positively influential people of the society.


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