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Hello all,

HARP is looking to put together a committee for the academic year 2016/17 and are currently looking for candidates to be part of an exciting team.

The roles available:

Worship Service Coordinator Duties

Events Coordinator Duties

Personal Care Coordinator Duties

Media & Communications Coordinator Duties


HARP’s aim is to promote and instil healthy, happy and pure lifestyles. We want our young members to grow in confidence and with dignity, developing true self-worth under the love of our Heavenly Parent.

We endeavour to encourage healthy relationships with God, with our parents, our siblings & peers, creating a harmonious and fulfilling life.

We also want to positively affect our wider community not only by setting and sticking to an ideal standard, but also by actively helping and assisting in our communities, as well as spreading joy & positivity, offering understanding, and demonstrating God’s love.

As a committee, our aim is to provide our members with environments and spaces for growth and learning; continually connecting to True Parent’s teaching, and as a committee remaining connected spiritually, and maintaining pure lifestyles ourselves.

We want to be creative in our endeavours, and to be understanding of our members, adapting to current ‘teenage climates’ & offering love and understanding as well as education and guidance.


Apply here.

After you have submitted your application we will be in touch for an interview in person or via Skype.

Applications close October 31st!

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