HARP Sports Workshop ’17! Apply Here!

Summer will soon be with us again, and this year we have an exciting August planned for you all!

Join us for our UK HARP Sports Workshop 2017! 

This summer we bring you our second UK HARP Sports Workshop!

Last year proved to be a great success and so we have decided to bring this back for another year!

Each morning will commence with a schedule similar to that of a HARP workshop, with the afternoon packed with sports and activities with the aim to connect to God and one another, and to better understand the beauty of team work and understanding, determination, unity and cooperation and …. to test our limits!

Although this workshop is sport heavy, and a general interest in sports is required, you do not need to be an ‘athlete’ to attend; though we expect all attendees to participate fully in the schedule.

For: HARP ages 11-18 years (beginning year 7-just left year 13)

Fee: £120 for the first participant, and £110 for subsequent siblings.

 Things to bring: (please label all personal belongings where possible)

  • Workshop fee (£120 for the first participant, and £110 for subsequent siblings.)
  • Signed Code of Conduct (please ensure that this is printed, signed and brought with you in order to attend the workshop. You can access the Code of Conduct here.)
  • Notebook and pens
  • Any personal medication if needed.
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Sports clothes that you do not mind getting dirty.
  • Sports shoes (shoes may get wet)
  • Some plastic bags for wet or dirty clothing and shoes
  • Slippers for indoors: This is important, as the floors get incredibly dirty, which means socks and feet get very grubby, wet and cold.
  • Alarm clock: We are asking you to hand in mobile phones, so it is advisable to bring an alarm clock to ensure you wake up on time!
  • Note: Please leave all video games consoles and mobile phones etc at home. If you do choose to bring them, please take hand them in upon registration. They will be given back to you after the workshop; this is so that we can be free of distraction during the workshop.


  • Pocket money (we will have a tuck shop.)
  • Games that can be played in a short space of time, such as banana grams, SET, Dobble etc.
  • Sports gear and equipment

Arrival/Departure times: Please arrive by 6pm on the 3rd August, the workshop ends at around 2pm on the 9th August.

Travel: If you require pick up from Chippenham, Trowbridge or Melksham, then please inform us no later than the 27th July, and we can arrange a lift.

Workshop site address: Cleeve House, Trowbridge Road, Seend, Melksham, Wiltshire SN12 6PG

Condition: It can be easy to be distracted from our conditions, but we can assure you that your workshop will be an even better experience if you take it seriously and make a real commitment!

We would like to ask you to join in a 7 day condition from 27th July – ending the day before the workshop commences on the 2nd August.

We propose that you do a 7-minute prayer, or 21 minute reading of some kind e.g. Divine Principle, HDH texts, the Bible etc, and encourage you to do more if you want to.

Please ensure you have read all information above before applying below:

Apply to attend this workshop here.

Any questions or concerns please feel free to get in touch via email: ruth@um-uk.org

See you all there!

Ruth Johnson, Workshop Director/HARP Leader

P.S Please note that the best way to contact us during the workshop is by email, as the phone service is not good in the area.

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